Workshop Foundation was founded in 1992 with the aim of providing support for independent artists, encouraging their artistic development in order to facilitate the development of the Hungarian contemporary dance scene as a whole.

The 2004 Catalyst Programme drew up the strategic lines along which the Foundation should operate. Artistic and geographical crossovers and support for multidisciplinary work became priorities.


The gift of dance!


We would like to give an amazing possibility for you and your loved ones: this winter you can also give dance class coupons as a present for the holidays! Not to mention the fact that the Dance Coupon is valid for almost all of Workshop Foundation’s classes.

How to use the coupon: The coupon is valid for attending one permanent class organised by Workshop Foundation. One person can buy more than one coupon. Before redeeming the coupon, the redeemer must coordinate with the teacher since the number of coupons used for one class is limited! The coupon has to be given to the teacher before the start of the class.

The coupon is valid from  2016.12.27 to 2017.03.31. (Because the trifle-intoxication won’t stop in December.:)

Teachers whose class it is valid for: Bakó Gábor, Bardóczy Ilka, Bárdos Adrienne, Bathó Gabriella, Buday Melinda, Dmitrij Kirejko, Grecsó Zoltán, Groma Klára, Gyergyói Szilvia, Hámor József, Horváth Anikó, Kaptay Annamária, Kulcsár Vajda Enikő, Luiza Moraes, Matisz Viktória, Meszlényi-Bodnár Zoltán, Pete Orsolya, Sándor Tímea, Sebestyén Tímea, Tóth Tímea, Vadas Tamara

Please mind that some of the classes are only held in Hungarian!

More info about the teachers and the classes: HERE and HERE

Price: 1500 HUF/coupon

You can purchase the coupon from 1st December (Thursday) on until 22nd December (Thursday) at the office of Workshop Foundation (address: 1027, Bp. Jurányi u. 1-3. 4.em.) between 10.00-18.00. You can only pay with cash!

We cannot accept damaged or fake coupons. The coupon cannot be exchanged for cash!