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Workshop Foundation's studios are now open!

Grabo Studios located in Jurányi House and Trafó Studio reopened their doors.

In order to be able to use our spaces you have to follow our COVID-19 Studio Rules. Please read them carefully HERE.

Take care of others and of ourselves!
Thank you for your cooperation,
Workshop Foundation Team

Workshop Foundation

Workshop Foundation was founded in 1992 with the aim of providing support for independent artists, encouraging their artistic development in order to facilitate the development of the Hungarian contemporary dance scene as a whole. Its main strategic objective is the encouragement of border-crossing – both geographically and among artistic disciplines.

The Foundation works with nearly 200 Hungarian and foreign artists yearly and runs 4 studios in two highly important independent art institutions in Budapest, a 120m2 studio in Trafó House of Contemporary Arts and, since January 2014,  3 studios (880m2 in total) in Jurányi Incubator House.

The social and professional environment, the facilitation and maintenance of partnerships and collaborations and long-term thinking are crucial in our work.
The activity of the Foundation revolves around the artists with whom it is in partnership. We aim to become not merely their supporters but their partners, getting involved with their work at the right moment in their career, building strong collaborations and following their artistic path on the long term; being more interested in the process than the finished production. Feedback and requirements received from the artists and the existing international examples have served as a base for our activities and programmes.

The Foundation provides the following support for independent performing artists:
• education
• production help
• professional help

Workshop Foundation is known abroad for its international co-productions, educational and residency programmes (both production and research residencies) as well as its active role in professional networks.
WSF to date has an extensive and branching, well-functioning net of international liaisons and is one of those Hungarian organizations that are internationally recognized and widely known. Important networks, partnerships include: Life Long Burning, Aerowaves, GPS - Movement Research and Philadelphia Dance Projects.

The supporters of Workshop Foundation: Ministry of Human Capacities (EMMI), National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NKA), Summa Artium, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


Workshop Foundation

Workshop Foundation