M4m programme

M4m (M for mobility) is an artistic mobility programme supported by European Commission and initiated by 7 cosignatories and 12 associated partners in order to facilitate encounters, exchange and common work between emerging artists and professionals from the creative and cultural world taking part in the different steps of an art production.

A-1-day worshop and seminar on social role of arts and possible connections between arts (culture) and economics. The main focus being designing and possible implementation of new financing models and techniques and the participants being artists (from the field of performing and visual arts), organizers and people involved in creative industries from Hungary and its neigbouring countries.

Deatiled Program of the Workshop

M4m (M FOR MOBILITY) WORKSKHOP – the relation of art, economy and society
24. april organised by Workshop Fundation

Location: Jurányi Produkciós és Közösségi Ház 3. floor

 9:30 – 10:00 meeting

10:00-10:30introductory lecture on the relationship of art, economy and society

10:30-11:30 presents projects(1. part)
                     Tarr Hajnalka: Mosoly Otthon Alapítvány
                     Tihanyi Dominika: Újirány csoport
                     Tóth Bálint: Szövetség39
                     L. Ritók Nóra: Igazgyöngy Alapítvány
                     Pozsár Péter: HelloWood

11:30-11:45 coffee break

11:45-12:45 presents projects (2. part)
                     Kellényi Kata: E8Lab
                    Terebessy Tóbiás: Medence Csoport
                    Pécsi Juli: Prezi
                    Váró Péter: Devsigner
                    Farkas Rita, Szira Henrietta: Ludwig Múzeum

12:45-13:15 questions and answers about the projects led by Maxim Bakos

13:15-14:15 lunch

14:15-15:15 introductions of the invited professionals
                       Koritár Henrietta: Social Times Italia, MHD Film Production
                       Király Júlia, Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem
                       Sisa-Molnár Anikó: MasterCard
                       Arnold István: Summa Artium
                       Vígh Bori: Vibo Consulting
                       Tóth Judit: Bankárképző

15:15-18:15 workshop by Maxim Bakos, with the invited professionals
18:15-18:45 summary

Location: Jurányi Produkciós Közösségi Inkubátorház III. floor(1027 Budapest, Jurányi street. 1-3.)

Information: Workshop Fundation, www.wsf.hu, worksop@c3.hu, 70/427 3473

Supporters: NKA, EMMI, Európai Unió - Kultúra program


Gilles Viandier and Dominika Tihanyi
30th April - 3rd June, 2012

Gilles Viandier, french performer-architect is collaborating with a Hungarian expert from one of the creative industries, Dominika Tihanyi, landscape architect form Újirány group between the 30th April and the 3rd of June, in order to conduct joint research into dance and the financial and economical utilization of various technological systems.

Photos about their upcoming project: here.
Új Irány Group – Office for Architecture, Landscape architecture, Form, Media

„Development in the scenes of technology, science, economy and media result constant changes in the demands of society. The cue of time is revaluated in the process of spatial design, as flexible concepts are needed to be set up to reflect on these  changing demands. The role of concepts become more and more essential, legalizing the given plan. Our concepts are points determined by the coordinates of time and space, which create new meanings and value, meanwhile becoming newstarting points of new design processes, to assure continuity. Mapping these points in a system of coordinates the concepts are starting points from which the inspired plans draw up the direction of the vectors. These create the new directions within the system.”

Report by Gilles Viandier

M4m - M for mobility program

In world, as well to interpreters, technicians, engineers or artistic directors.
It was launched in 2011 with 4 residencies and it is pursuing in 2012 with new residencies for 20 artists and professionals. 

•    Transcultures (Brussels, Belgium) www.transcultures.be
•    Workshop Foundation (Budapest, Hungary) www.wsf.hu
•    La Breche – Centre des Arts du Cirque de Basse-Normandie (Cherbourg-Octeville,         France) www.labreche.fr
•    SERDE (Aizpute, Latvia) www.serde.lv
•    UNITER (Bucharest, Romania) www.uniter.ro
•    Pépinieres européennes pour jeunes artistes (Saint Cloud, France) www.art4eu.net

Website of the project: www.emobility.pro

As part of the programme Workshop Foundation organizes 2 different projects.

  • Residency
  • Workshop and seminar

Workshop and seminar
In the beginning of June we will be hosting  a 3-day workshop and seminar on the social role of art, and the possible connections between art (culture) and economics. the conference will devote attention to designing and possibly realizing new financing models and techniques, and thus we await the participation of artists (from the field of performing and visual arts), organizers and people involved in the creative industries from Hungary and the neighboring countries.

The workshop and seminar will be conducted in English with Hungarian interpretation.

More details are coming soon!