Artist-Partnership Programme

Workshop Foundation has always been thinking in long-term partnerships, therefore the aim of our Artist-Partnership Programme - which started in 2018 - is to provide an official framework for this type of work. Our goal is to follow a given artist's work and career on a long-term basis and provide him/her with personalised support.

This kind of work consists of the followings:

    • regular professional consultation,
    • sharing of (professional) contacts,
    • providing infrastructure for the rehearsal period of a given production,
    • joint application for grants, financial management and administration,
    • fulfilling management tasks,
    • co-operation and co-planning.

Our final goal is to develop an artistic and professional collaboration which is not linked solely to the creation of a given production.

From 2021 it is also part of our plan to include these artists - as a "strategic consultation group" - in discussing matters concerning the Foundation (e.g. Anna Biczók helped to choose the group who can be part of our Research of the Unknown programme in spring 2021, we also asked these artists to take part in the development of our "Tax 1%" campaign).

Currently 6 artists take part in the programme.

Anna Biczók

Photo: Hevzso Photography

Anna Biczók is a dancer and artist, performer and choreographer based in Budapest. She recieved her dance artist degree at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. Biczók became part of our Artist-Partnership Programme in the framework of Life Long Burning Creative Crossroads Programme. The driving force behind her work is the body - as a personal and collective archive that holds plenty of information - which is the footprint of the person's origin (be that a family legacy or the legacy of the socio-cultural context in which the person grew up and in which s/he functions). The motivation in Biczók's work is to look at her co-creators' personal substance, the information hidden in their body, soul and mind as the raw material and show that to the audience.

More information on Biczók's work can be found on her website.

Gyula Cserepes

Photo: Judit Herbály

Gyula Cserepes is a choreographer, performer and dance pedagogue. He studied folk dance at Fóti Népművészeti Szakközép- és Szakiskola and contemporary dance at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. He was first a member of Central-Europe Dance Theatre, then of En-Knap Group in Ljubljana. He works as a freelance artist and performer since 2012. His productions are ranging from site-specific to interactive dance performances. The starting point in his work is rhythm, as a universal language. This is how he mingles his background in folk- and contemporary dance and creates innovative productions that search for the essence of dance and its fundamental role in a person's life.

More information on Cserepes' work can be found on his website.

Rita Góbi

Photo: Marcell Piti

Rita Góbi is a dancer, choreographer and dance pedagogue awarded with a Laban Rudolf Prize. She was born in Novi Sad and recieved her degree at the Hungarian Dance Academy. She started her career at the Ballet Pécs, then she "danced through" the Hungarian independent dance scene (e.g. Bozsik Yvette Company, The Symptoms, Andaxínház, Duda Éva Comapny). She founded her own company (Rita Góbi Company) in 2006. The works of Rita Góbi could be best described as brave and experimental as well as precisely choreographed. She has a geometrical, minimalistic, rather reductionistic style. The accord of movements, music, projected visual effects and lights are creating the futuristic atmosphere of her performances. She continuously develops her own dance language, that you can witness in each of her choreographies. Góbi is constantly touring around the world with her productions.

More information on Góbi's work can be found on her website.

Jenna Jalonen

Photo: Dániel Dömölky

Jenna Jalonen - also known as Triplejay - Finish choreographer, dancer and art producer graduated from the Hungarian Dance Academy and is currently based in Budapest. She was awarded with a Lábán Rudolf Prize and Fülöp Viktor Scholarship. Jalonen is the co-founder and chreographer of Collective Dope and the Sub.Lab.Pro The Ensemble, which is an education programme for dancers. Jenna is the creator and teacher of Triplewave (fusion of classic-urban-contemporary) movement methodology.

More information on Jalonen's work can be found on her website.

Réka Oberfrank

Photo: Zsófia Hevér

Réka Oberfrank is a freelance dancer, artist and pedagogue who recived her degree at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. She gained further experience abroad at The Danish National School of Performing Arts and at the spanish CobosMika Seed Formation. In comparison to her earlier works which were more like dance theatre, she is currently focusing on total abstraction. More precisely she has her focus on skin as a surface and body as a material. She approches this topic from different angles in collaboration with viusal art.

Oberfrank is the youngest memeber of our Artist Partnership Programme. We found her with the idea of a possible long-term collaboration in February 2020.

Beatrix Simkó

Photo: Dániel Dömölky

Beatrix Simkó Trisha is a dancer, choreographer and media artist. She studied media at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest and performance art at the University of Hamburg. Thanks to this, she is comfortable to use not only the means of dance but that of other related art forms as well. She explores in her works the effect that the immediate surrounding has on an individual and she makes this visible through the body, as an expressive and non-verbal means of expression. She has been an active part of the contemporary dance scene for more than 10 years now, since 2015 she has worked in several international co-productions, both in Hungary and abroad.

Beatrix Simkó was the first participant of our official Artist-Partnership Programme (2018).

More information on Simkó's work can be found on her website.