Artist-Partnership Programme

Artist-Partnership Programme

Workshop Foundation has always been thinking in long-term partnerships, therefore the aim of our Artist-Partnership Programme - which started in 2018 - is to provide an official framework for this type of work. Our goal is to follow a given artist's work and career on a long-term basis and provide him/her with personalised support.

This kind of work consists of the followings:

    • regular professional consultation,
    • sharing of (professional) contacts,
    • providing infrastructure for the rehearsal period of a given production,
    • joint application for grants, financial management and administration,
    • fulfilling management tasks,
    • co-operation and co-planning.

Our final goal is to develop an artistic and professional collaboration which is not linked solely to the creation of a given production.

From 2021 it is also part of our plan to include these artists - as a "strategic consultation group" - in discussing matters concerning the Foundation (e.g. Anna Biczók helped to choose the group who can be part of our Research of the Unknown programme in spring 2021, we also asked these artists to take part in the development of our "Tax 1%" campaign).

Currently 6 artists take part in the programme.

Anna Biczók

Gyula Cserepes

Rita Góbi

Jenna Jalonen

Réka Oberfrank

Beatrix Simkó