October 19 / 18.30

Sprue /
GB 2003 / 1’

Director: The Five Andrews

Garden fantasy inspired by speeded up film of plant growth.

Uzes Quintet / F 2004 / 24’45”

Director: Catherine Maximoff
Choreographers: Javier de Frutos, Emmanuel Gatt, Kitt Johnson, Peeping Tom Collectif, Nathalie Pernette, Andreas Schmid
Camera: Samuel Dravet | Sound: Paolo de Jesus | Photo: Samuel Dravet | Editing: Tatjana Jankovic | Producer: Patrice Nezan | Production company: Heure d’Eté Productions

Five choreographers, five worlds, singular body languages. A cinematic tale in which each of the dancers create strange echoes with their environment.

Business as usual
CAN 2005 / 10’13”

Director: Joe Hiscott | Graphic design: Dan Buller | Camera: Lyenne Kamm, Stephen Legari | Music: Brian Sanderson | Photo: Lyenne Kamm, Stephen Legari | Editing: Joe Hiscott | Producer: Joe Hiscott | Production company: Etherman Productions

An experimental film in which the body, its presence and gestures in relation to the camera are essential to the concept and content of the film. The choreography is in the editing of the material.

Autumn / H 2004 / 5'

Video: Leitner Karina, Halmágyi Zsolt | Dance: Maday Tímea | Music: Dead Can Dance

Self-expression in harmony with the nature where the movement turns into dance and dance turns into movement.

The God / RUS 2003 / 4’20”

Director: Konstantin Bronzit | Music: Valentin Vasenkov | Editing: Konstantin Bronzit | Producer: Sergei Selyanov, Alexander Boyarsky | Production company: Melnitsa Animation Studio and CTB Film Company

A humorous animated short about Shiva. “Sometimes the Gods can be vulnerable.”

the invited / CAN / USA 2004 / 12’22”

Director: Jonathan Inksetter | Choreographer: Meg Stuart | Dance: Damaged Goods: Loup Abramovici, Simone Aughterlony, Joséphine Evrard, Antonija Livingstone, Sam Louwyck, Andreas Müller, Vania Rovisco, Thomas Wodianka | Music: Jonathan Inksetter / Paul Lemp & Bo Wiget: Visitors Only c. zenéje alapján /

the invited is a reinterpretation of one specific scene from Visitors Only (2003), a creation by Meg Stuart and Damaged Goods. The characters have no memory and their perception is disturbed, disposed in visions and volatile information. Herein the body becomes a radio receiver and transmitter for fragments, gestures, signals for image, energy and sound; a transit zone, where dream and reality pass by.

Swan Lake / GB 2002 / 1’

Swanlake in the bathroom. Caricature in sixty seconds.

While the Cat’s Away / IZL 2003 / 5'

Conception: Helena Jónsdóttir | Director/Choreographer: Helena Jónsdóttir, Unnur Ösp Stefánsdóttir | Dance: Margrét Olafsdóttir, Edda Arnljótsdóttir | Music: Hallur Ingólfsson | Producer: Anna Dís Olafsdóttir |Production company: Saga Film

When a young pedantic daughter is at work, her elderly mother transforms into a wild dancer, using their overfilled flat as a stage. A heartwarming comedy about prejudice, self-respect and dreams fulfilled.

October 19 / 20.00

Sprue / GB 2003 / 1’

Director: The Five Andrews
Garden fantasy inspired by speeded up film of plant growth.

Amelia / CAN 2003 / 59’27”

Director/Choreographer: Edouard Lock

Dance: La La La Human Steps: Andrea Boardman, Nancy Crowley, Mistaya Hemingway, Keir Knight, Chun Hong Li, Bernard Martin, Jason Shipley-Holmes, Billy Smith, Naomi Stikeman, Zofia Tujaka
Light design: André Turpin
Cameraman: Daniel Guy, Arianne Jonassen, Marie-Claude Coté
Music: David Lang
Editing: Edouard Lock
Producer: Bob Krupinski, Pierre L. Touchette
Production company: Amerimage-Spectra, Media Principa

Powerful performances by the dancers of La La La Human Steps combine with the delicate sensual lighting of André Turpin and a minimalist environment conceived by Édouard Lock to create a seamless whole, where the camera interacts in tightly choreographed moves to reveal, blend and alter our perception of the dance.

October 20 / 18.30

Sprue / GB 2003 / 1’

Director: The Five Andrews

Garden fantasy inspired by speeded up film of plant growth.

Annonciation / F 2003 / 23'

Director / Choreographer: Angelin Preljocaj
Dance: Ballet Preljocaj: Julie Bour, Claudia de Smet
Music: Stéphane Roy (Crystal Music), Antonio Vivaldi (Magnificat)
Production company: Telmondis
Co-production: Arte France, Ballet Preljocaj, Production Autrement Dit

A creative and clever combination of the elements of dance, movements and film. A beautiful interpretation of the dramatic scene through a dance film when the virgin Mary encounters Archangel Gabriel who informs her that sho carries the Messiah in her womb.

Video recording kindly lent by the Ballet Preljocaj, National Choreographic Center of Aix-en-Provence – France.

All informations about Ballet Preljocaj : www.preljocaj.org

Kathak in a pool of lights / GB 2003 / 1’

Dance of hands in light.

Gold / GB 2004 / 10’00”

Director: Rachel Davies
Choreographer: Hanna Gillgren
Dance: Amy Tarrant, Jessica Brough
Music: Tom Gilleron
Photo: Natasha Briaer
Editing: Nick Fenton
Producer: Polly Nash
Production company: Spectacle Productions

Two young Olympic gymnasts dance in their local gym. Set in an ordinary London suburb, GOLD creates a surreal and sensual world, a celebration of motion, energy and the rich elegance of human movement, evoking the promise of freedom and power of adrenaline of the girls’ early teenage years.

/ CAN/I 2004 / 6’00”

Director: Cosimo Zitani
Choreographer: Mark Johnson
Dance: Mark Johnson
Music: Mark Johnson
Photo: Martin Julian
Editing: Ken Davis, Sabina Kapil, Cosimo Zitani
Effects: Tom Hillman
Producer: Martin Julian
Production company: Julian Pictures

The mundane transforms into the sublime when a man gets caught in a revolving door and realizes his only escape is to succumb to the circular flow of motion.

Body electric #1
/ I/GB 2005 / 4’04”

Director, editing, music, producer, photo: Davide Pepe
Choreograher, dance: Miriam King

A women sits in a chair.The retained power of a dance implodes in small motions and explodes in nervous gestures. It ferments in impossible movements until becoming the very primal body energy.

H 2005

Director: Kasza Gábor
Choreographer: Hód Adrienn
Dance: OFF Dance Company: Bakó Tamás, Dányi Viktória, Francia Gyula, Garai Júlia, Hernádi Csaba, Horváth Andrea, Lex Alexandra, Németh Kálmán, Molnár Csaba, Molnár Zoilly, Murányi Zsófia
Music: Kovács Ferenc
Photo: Lovasi Zoltán
Editing: Somossy Olivér

Eight minutes about life. In a waiting room. The first dancefilm by the hungarian filmmaker and choreographer.

I’m an optimist about nothing”
GB 2003

One minute experiment to bring movement and the technical elments of filmmaking into one art piece.

Face it
GB 2002

Faces. Expression.

October 20 / 20.00

GB 2003

The cost of living

GB 2004

Director: Lloyd Newson
Camera: Nikki Weston
Performers: DV8 Physical Theatre: Eddie Kay, David Toole, Vivien Wood, Tanja Liedtke, Rowan Thorpe, Kareena Oates, Tom Hodgson, Jose Maria Alves, Robin Dingemans, Eddie Nixon
Music: Nick Hooper, Paul Charlier, Jonathan Cooper
Photo: Cameron Barnett
Editing: Stuart Briggs

Stuck in a shabby seaside town, street performers Eddie and David work, argue, fail at romance and fall out with friends as the summer season fades. DV8 has made works for the stage since 1986. The Cost of living is their fourth film.

The Miraculous Mandarin

H 2000

Director: Mészáros Márta
Choreographer: Bozsik Yvette
Performers: Bozsik Yvette, Zhang Yu Jung, Jan Nowicki, Vati Tamás, Gálffi László, Kamarás Iván, Szabó Gyõzõ
Writer: Lengyel Menyhért
Camera: Piotr Wojtowicz
Music: Bartók Béla
Producer: Kóródy Ildikó, Mészáros Márta, Miskolczi Péter

A unique interpretation of the classical mandarin story . Three bums force a young girl into prostitution. She has to seduce men so that the bums can humiliate and rob them. The plan works well until a strange and wealthy Chinese man turns up. The bums kill him once, twice, three times to no avail, for the Chinese man falls in love with the girl and cannot die before he possesses her. The girl is cleansed through the passionate love of the miraculous mandarin and he is happy to die in her arms.

October 21 / 18.30

GB 2003

IZL 2003

Director: Reynir Lyngdal
Choreographer: Katrin Hall
Dance: Kata Johnson, Elías Knudsen
Music: Bix
Producer: Anna Dís Olafsdóttir
Production company: Saga Film

A couple fights in their bedroom over a burst water pipe. Techniques involving water tank explosions and trampolines. References; martial arts and cartoon strips.


MEX / J 2005

Director: Octavio Iturbe
Choreographer: Hiroaki Umeda
Dance: Hiroaki Umeda (S020 Társulat)
Music: S020
Photo: Miguel Grompone
Editing: Octavio Iturbe, Miguel Grompone
Producer: Síganle Producciones
Production company: Síganle Producciones, Madrid
Co-production: Estudiotre, Montevideo

The film is based on a solo performance „While going to a condition”, filmed in Montevideo. Unique dance technique in an industrial atmosphere.

GB 2002

Different perception of the world in a one minute shortfilm

GB / AUS 2005

Director: Gina Czarneczki
Choreographer: Garry Stewart
Dance: Australian Dance Theatre
Music: Christian Fennesz
Photo: Gina Czarneczki
Editing:Gina Czarneczki
Producer: David Metcalfe, Lee-Anne Donnolley
Production company: Forma Arts and Media Unlimited, Australian Dance Theatre

Nascent is between dance and visual arts, biology and technology, live show and video.

F / GB 2002

Director: Olivier Mégaton
Choreographer: Wayne McGregor
Photo: Valérie Le Gurun
Production company: ARTE (France), Heure d'Été Productions (France), Samsafilm (Luxembourg)

K has discovered that he is different from other insects.
He thinks, he exists, he wants to become...a human being!
Will his love affair with this young girl succeed ?
Basing his film on the latest choreography by the talented young UK
dancer Wayne McGregor, director Olivier Megaton contructs a surprising fantasy
world which is half-insect, half-human.

October 21 / 20.00

GB 2003

Dancing Figure
H 1998-2002

Director: Grunwalsky Ferenc
Choreographer / Dancer: Ladányi Andrea
Music: Kurtág György
Camera: Ferenc Grunwalsky
Editing: Kabdebó Katalin
Producer: Ozorai András
Production company: Neuropa Film Ltd

The film focuses on the journey of the “reviving body”: it is a series of visions and tribulations. Andrea Ladányi’s movements are a combination of beauty, sport, acrobatics, and dance, both classical and modern.
It builds exclusively on imagery, light, music, and images drawn from human memory in the spaces of the Fort Monostor.